UPNA: September 2005            Board Meeting      General Meeting

September 12, 2005 UPNA Board Meeting

Attendees: Shelley Oylear, Fletcher Trippe, Ana Tomblin, Dwayne Runyan
Meeting called to order 7:12pm

Treasurer’s Report: current balance $1,040.05
Shelley gave two checks to Dwayne to deposit from neighborhood cleanups ($97.11, $155.75).

Remaining money from grant for event can be used through May for next year’s event (aprox. $150 is remaining). Look into Ben & Jerry’s serving ice cream. Perhaps meet with Arbor Lodge neighborhood to review what they do for their event (had a large turnout and had a raffle). Possibly work with Church or Holy Cross.

Hope to start traffic triangle clean up and plantings in October. Will go out to nurseries this weekend. After we elect new officers.

Fall Newsletter? Perhaps Nov. & again in the spring. Shelley has been getting info from people they want to include in the newsletter.

Need to review offices, talk to people about what they are interested in. Suggest board members could email a report instead of attending a board meeting. Unless there is something that will require voting.

Chair’s Meetings are changing. There will be fewer speakers and more networking. Alternate meetings at Firehouse and out in the neighborhood. Shelley will be hosting the Nov. meeting (1st monday) at the University of Portland. Try to invite the commissioners, business associations etc.. from all of North Portland. Looking for people to invite and would send out invitations. No set agenda, a welcome - talk about who we are, what we’ve been working on etc...

Question from Dwayne about Disaster preparedness and response, if neighborhood associations are included in communications. Is there a plan in place down to the neighborhood level in case of a disaster, do they have plans to utilize that (get the word out to neighborhood residents)? Also county plans. Shelley - knows that there are disaster response coordinators for neighborhoods but don’t know who they are. Will find out and possibly have info to add to our website. Perhaps that would be a good topic for a meeting.

Will be another walk through McCormick & Baxter site this month. Will let us know about the date.

Bike / Pedestrian workshop. Safe routes to school bill, trying to get money for it. Not all neighborhoods attend meetings, they are trying to get contacts from other neighborhoods (North and SW) to talk about bike and pedestrian issues. There might be a group formed (like a N. Portland bike advisory group, try to get $ for improvements, work with schools, can map bike and ped. accidents and look at problem areas).

Freight Master Plan will be at Sept. meeting, also voting and logo presentation.
PDOT wesbite has info on the plan.

Meeting adjourned 8:01pm

UPNA General Meeting, September 26, 2005

Called to Order: 7:05pm

1. Introductions
2. Crime & Safety Update from Jason Christensen: 823-0743
From 8/26/05 to 9/25/05: 1 Rape, 1 Aggravated Assault, 2 Burglaries (break into a property), 10 Larceny (theft, can be with a weapon against a person), 3 Vehicle Theft. Lowjack system (transponder) can be installed in cars and can be tracked when stolen. Discussion of UP students, call UP campus security. Increase in drug deals based on a meeting place (call each other, meet me at blank address), caught someone with 120 balloons of heroin (42 grams). Meth labs have significantly decreased but there is an increase in Meth from Mexico. Mayor and Police Chief have been discussing community policing lately, what is your impression? A: what is happening now, officer at neighborhood meeting. Not many officers for the neighborhoods so they try to get paperwork done between calls so they are not available to meet with neighborhood residents. 4 neighborhood police that go to meetings and are able to meet with residents. Telephone report unit, can call in and talk to an officer over the phone to create a report. Should always call in if something is happening so that in the future they can be aware of what is happening. Fraud is increasing because it is easy and hard to prove. DMV used to sell personal info until 2002 and would often find CD’s in criminals houses. Comments that community policing is very effective, it makes people feel empowered and that something would be done about it. Request for info / report on DUI’s for North Portland (for the past few years).
3. University of Portland Update:
    a. Friday Sept. 30th soccer game, men's West Coast Conference Opener. Around 9:30pm there will be a brief fireworks display.
    b. Will be co-hosting a North Portland
    c. Still working to acquire the 2 properties along the river. Working on the triangle property (zone changes, environmental concerns etc...). Working with the city to be a part of the river renaissance project but because of the cities time table might not work out. Also looking at the McCormick & Baxter site but can not be tied in with the triangle property. Will continue to explore and work with them and their time frame.
    d. Response to request to learn more about the student discipline process. Educate students who live in the neighborhoods on how to be good neighbors. About 30% of students commute (from all of Portland). Students in the University Park neighborhood receive info on how to be good neighbors. Will do what is necessary based on the circumstances (stop party, arrests, minors drinking, detox, work with police, contact landlords etc...). Students are called into the school, investigated and appropriate discipline is decided ranging from community service, fines up to expulsion from the school. Q: about notifying parents. Difficult because of laws, are 18 years of age but if it involves their health and safety then will be notified. Encourage people to call and if it is necessary police will be called.
Q: What responsibilities due to the landlords have (legally)? Can find out who the landlord is and contact them when their are problems with their properties. Harder when they are individuals and not companies, but it can be done and they should be alerted. Communication is very important. Stress that they should contact and talk to neighbors about any parties or events.
4. Old Business - Logo Award Presentation:
Congratulate top 3. 2nd runner up - Ana Tomblin, 1st runner up - Fletcher Trippe, Winner - Mitch Gould. Also presenting Mitch 10 hours of rental of the Kenton Firehouse. Mitch will be working on a modification so that the street sign will have the text “University Park” written out.    
5. Guest Presentation: Portland Freight Master Plan (Deena from the City of Portland)
City of Portland has major freight facilities and are impacted by freight movement. Increase in freight for the future. Freight = trains, trucks, ships, airport. Started in Oct. now have a draft plan that people can comment on. 3 big themes - mobility issues, livability (limit negative impacts to neighborhoods and the environment), economy. Action items - what do we need to do? How do we manage freight? Work with different groups (police for truck breaking noise, tie downs on truck loads), looking into quiet zones (regarding rail). For University Park: Lombard Ave. We classify streets (traffic, bikes, pedestrians, truck traffic), have a map. Lombard in St. Johns connects Hwy 30 with the industrial area (Rivergate). The rest of Lombard is designated truck route but those trucks are more for delivery (grocery stores, UPS, restaurants etc...) by the State (ODOT). But if a truck height is a certain height then those trucks travel on Lombard until improvements can be made to other streets. In the future would like to move Hwy 30 bypass up to Columbia Blvd. (instead of Lombard).
Currently: 63% of freight on trucks, double freight by 2030 and trucks will be over 70%. Will address height issues for Columbia to enable trucks to travel on it (pedestrian bridges, rail bridges). City of Portland actually owns Lombard Ave but is a state designated road.
Q: what is the amount of permit exceptions to travel on Lombard? It isn’t a lot but am working on the actual numbers now. Usually very large items and it is unusual. New draft of the plan is coming out next week.
Traffic changes for St. Lewis and Fessenden in St. Johns (changing light, trucks don’t have to stop). Strategy was to focus the trucks into one area. Also looking at signals and planning to make the help route the trucks to where they need to go. Improve signage.
Q: what is the public involvement in the project? Can the public be involved? A: We’ve had 3 open houses throughout the city. Work with specific neighborhoods and associations, advisory groups and various freight companies. Now looking for comments on the draft plan (will be online), can send a letter to the planning commission. Meeting Oct. 25th (1st meeting), 7:00pm at 1900 SW 4th Ave, 2nd floor.
6. New Business:
    a. Susan Landauer from Portsmouth. Neighborhood coordinator for Friends of Trees. Planting trees January 28th (Kenton, Portsmouth, Arbor Lodge and Univ. Park). Want to canvas the neighborhood with a form for people who have a space for a tree and who would like to volunteer to plant trees or for food service or phones. Last year planted around 200 trees and served lunch to about 150 people. Also looking for a neighborhood liaison “in-training” with Susan so that we have someone for the future. City has a neighborhood program for the tree neighborhood liaisons. People always ask what kind of a tree can I have? It depends on the location (size and height options), choose trees that are less likely to break sidewalk. Also have yard trees. Emphasis is on street trees (in the right of way) - www.friendsoftrees.org or can call Susan.
    b. Board Member Elections
    can email reports to board members instead of coming to the meetings.
    Will be loosing a couple people (3).
    Chair: Shelley
    Vice Chair: Fletcher
    Treasurer: Dwayne
    Schools: Brian
    Communications: Karen
    Open positions: Secretary, traffic/service/livability, environmental, land use, public safety, grievance. People can be appointed to a position later.
Jim Kuffner moves to approve the current slate. Brian seconds. List people who can vote. Discussion: none.
All in favor - majority. None opposed.
7. Open Discussion:
Q: about rentals in neighborhood (increase), what can we do?
over 5 people in a house that are not related cannot live in the same house
OLCC - landlords are fined for underage drinking and often are evicted.
Adjourn   9:00pm