October 25, 2004

Board Meeting
6:03pm called to order

1. Secretary's Report: no report.
2. Treasurer's Report: $1041.42
New treasurer and chair will be added to the account.
3. Chair's Report:
    * Would like to propose the purchase of a Kinko's coopy card, stamps and envelopes so chair can distribute agendas to board. Can email agendas to members or mail. Members that would like it to be mailed should request a copy from Chair.
    * Chair's Meeting:
          * reviewed new ONI guidelines
          * reviewed the role of Mr. Garcia
          * Killingsworth Station (on Interstate and Killingsworth) has been changed from section 8 housing to rent vouchers
4. Bylaws Review:
Comments and clarification from board members:
    * Article 1, Section 2 - boundaries, c) - specifies that our boundaries are at the bottom of the slope along Willamette Blvd. Keep this in mind.
    * Article 2, Section 3 - voting, b) requires members to attend 4 meetings in the last 6 months. This is new and was added so that if members have special circumstances that caused them to miss meetings they are still able to vote.
    * Article 3, Section 6 - typo "eight (6)", should say "six (6)". Suggestion for seperate board meetings, change wording to "second week" of the month and not specify a date. The current board can agree on the day of the week.
    *Article 3, Secion 8 - vacancies - If absent from 3 consecutive board meetings then position becomes vacant and it is up to remaining Board Members to decide what to do (if there has been no communication from absent member). Suggestion: If a member cannot come consistently but has good intentions, it is still important to discuss the members priorities. Involvement is part of the commitment.
       *Side note refering to board meetings - by not specifying a day of the week the bylaws are being flexible and members should be able to agree on something. Some members would like this day to be decided soon. Comment made that a seperate board meeting cannot be held until the new bylaw are passed.
    *Article 4, Section 5 - requests reports from board members and committee chairs - clarified that this does not need to be formal. Notes from meeting are acceptable.
    * Bylaws brought to meeting were missing Article 5 & 6 (of revised edition) so the November meeting will review those remaining Articles.
    * Do the new bylaws agree with the new ONI guidelines? Yes, not much has changed in ONI guidelines and ONI is referenced in the UPNA bylaws.
    * Article 2, Section 3 - voting - b) will be changed to last 6 meetings not last 6 months.
    * Article 4, Section 3 - committees - Service, Traffic and Livability were combined into 1 committee.

Committee Chair's Reports:
5. Communications: Karen would like to meet with potential members to arrange a meeting before the next UPNA meeting.
6. Environment & Open Spaces: Port of Portland would like to give an update report to UPNA. Agreed that this is ok and Chair will schedule this for November meeting.
7. Land Use: Paul absent during board meeting. Judy - went to meetings for PDC Urban Renewal Area for Swan Island and Mocks Bottom. They might include the slope in the URA and create a park along Willamette Blvd. Lenny Anderson expressed interest in speaking at meeting but Chair wanted to get Board approval before allowing him to speak. It was decided that Fletcher Trippe (vice chair) would meet with Lenny and report back to the Board.
8. Livability: (Fletcher is interim chair) Regarding in-fill housing, the city sponsored a design competition and we can vote on the designs at: www.livingsmartpdx.com (until Friday Oct 29th). Side note that a member, Scott is willing to help with Service & Livability but is unsure about taking on the full responsibility - we agreed that a co-chair would be ok.
9. Public Safety: Judy read from an Oregonian article that in August of 2004, UPNA had only 17 crimes: 3 residential burglaries, 7 auto, 3 bike thefts, and 4 vandalism.
10. Schools: Brian visited Astor and Roosevelt. Roosevelt is having lighting added to the football field and Homecoming has been postponed until lights are in, on Nov. 5th at 7pm. Tickets are $5. Astor - the water garden work is continuing and the school has signs posted in the windows with dates of upcoming work parties. Astor also has a citizenship award that the kids work hard for and Brian suggested that UPNA consider creating a scholarship fund for kids who are involved in their neighborhoods. Brian will write a proposal and bring it to a future meeting.

* Cathy - has resigned from her position as the area rep. for the Liquor License Advisory Group. ONI needs to be notified and UPNA should ask for volunteers.
* Shelley - discuss request for $ to make copies and for stamps and envelopes. Fletcher motioned that we allow up to $50 to be spent on a copy card, stamps and envelopes for the Chair. Brian seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Board Meeting Adjourned 7pm.

General Meeting
Called to order at 7:04pm

1. Introductions of new board members and committee chairs.
2. Crime and Safety Update: Jason Christiansen
    * Have been U.P. bike and computer thefts. Setting up a sting with UP Security.
    * Criminals looking for unlocked doors and open windows.
    * Mini-scooters - gave a handout / pamphlet on the rules for these scooters.
    * 2 houses in St. John's were selling crack and had stolen property. Were busted recently.
    * Handed out a map of crimes in the neighborhood.
    * Q - Will the alcohol impact zone include University Park? Not sure. Think it might be penninsula wide (all of North Portland). Means that there will be no single sales (only 6 or 12 packs).
    * Member has seen a lot of activity (drug sales) on N. Portland Road.
    * Meth crimes on the rise.
    * Issues to tell the chief?
             * UP Pasrties? Have not had a problem. Noise ordinance has been a big help.
             * Cars are not yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalks along Lombard.
    * Note that school speed limits have changed, now 20mph. Signs posting if speed is at all times, when kids are present or during specific hours. If the original speed was under 30mph then it should be 20mph at all time in a school zone. If the original speed was over 30mph then the 20mph is only during certain times.
3. U.P. Rep - Jim Kuffner
    * Had copies of November Notes for Neighbors.
    * Students are back from fall break.
    * On Nov. 11th (Vetran's Day) there will be an 11am service with an 11:11am F-15 fly over. Neighbors invited.
    * 2 possible dates for the Neighbor Night basketball game. Either Dec. 30th or Jan. 2nd. Will be decided soon.
4. John Southgate from the Portland Development Commision. 503-823-3257  southgatej@pdc.us
    Proposing an Urban Renewal Area (URA) in industrial areas on the East and West banks of the Willamette River including Swan Island and Mocks Bottom. The URA will adress vacant or developable industrial land and areas of job loss. The Siltronic site on the west side of the river is looking at expanding (here or in Singapore) and would add 500 jobs.
    URA 101:
    * As the property taxes rise within the URA the tax money stays in the area
    * In a district with an assesed value of $400 million, if companies expand and the assesed values raised then the extra tax $ stays in the district.
    * 3 tests to pass -
       1. No more than 15% of total city land can be a URA
       2. No more than 15% of assesed value can be a URA
       3. Area must be "blighted" (low property values, vacant properties, envioronmental contaminants, lack of infastructure)
    * More development happens becuase of an URA longterm
Q - infastructure improvements to Mocks Bottom? This URA is not being driven by infastructure needs, it is more to help businesses expand and to create more jobs.
Q - Why does the URA not go farther south on the West side of the river? There are tank farms there that are not leaving and it is unlikely to be converted.
Q - Appreciation of property values at the end of 20 years for previous URA's? Refer to the brochure mailed by the city. URA range 4-12% growth versus the city average of just under 4% growth.
Q - Where has an industrial URA been done before? Previous URA's have been more mixed-use. 2 URA's - Airport Way (east of 205) and the Siltronic plant was a URA previously (in 1978 and expired in the 80's).
Q - Has the PDC made a decision about the bottom of Mocks Bottom? Will the slope be included in the URA? In the draft before city council the boundary is currently at the bottom of the slope except for the Wadd's Bluff trail area below the University of Portland. The planning commision advocates trail improvements but this is not a priority of the URA.
Q - If the slope is included then UPNA must be involved because it is in our boundaries. UPNA should register it's opinions at the planning meetings (Nov. 9 and 11th ?).
Q - Should we suggest that these ideas be proposed seperately from the URA? Would that be helpful? If it is part of the URA it will not necessarily receive funding and the PDC does not wish to upset neighbors.
Q - Any ideas on dealing with transportation off of Swan Island?
    * Would be surprised if thousands of new jobs were created in order to increase traffic (in Mocks Bottom), there are more opportunities in Swan Island.
    * Other groups have raised this issue to the PDC.
    * UPA will be on a fast track in order to get Siltronic, will form a task force to review the implementation plan.
    * Could be an additional exit on the south end of Swan Island, which could improve Going Street traffic. (Which is outside the URA)
    * High number of alternative modes of transportation in Swan Island.
Q - What could be done to Greeley / Interstate? The traffic backs up on Greeley because it goes down to one lane. The slowing is not just from Mocks Bottom and Swan Island.
Q - Is there an option for off-peak / peak shifts? URA does not have control over that though they could suggest it. Already try to work with businesses to prevent overload.
* A representative from the triangle park property (Zeidel triangle) wanted to be included into the URA and that is a possibility.
    Jim - The University of Portland would be concerned about the development of that property - noise, traffic, environmental impact and safety. The University does not have any other area to expand in the future and had hoped that they would be able to expand into it (with open spaces, fields) or keep the area open (parks).
    Paul - Would like there to be working (living) wage jobs available in the neighborhood. Could work with Roosevelt to have a training program.
* Inform PDC of your concerns and individual interests (will not make a statement as UPNA). Nov. 9th at 12:30, 1900 SW 4th, 2nd floor or Nov. 17 at City Council (10am).

5. Daniel Lajoie from Departure Architecture and David Hasson.
* Currently working on a project on Willamette Lane and would like comments from neighbors.
* Property is on the slope and the majority of the site is an environmental conservation zone.
* House would be 2 units with the remainder of the property a "tract" owned in common by the 2 units.
* Has to be a 25' buffer zone next to environmental conservation zones.
* The house would be built on piers in order to have minimal impact on the environmental conservation zone.
* The units and the underside of the structure would have fire sprinklers pointing down onto the slope. Use steel pillings for fire protection.
* The units will be high quality, materials and craftsmanship.
* Design is based off of a 60's modern style but has been updated for 2004.
* Interested in sustainability - so upper floor is a 'great room' with exterior garden area between the 2 units. Want to take the rain water from the roof and use for the garden area. Garden area will be visible from the street.
* Units will be for sale and not for rent.
Q - what has the planning commission said? They like it and had a positive response. The P.C. requires them to present it to neighbors and integrate their comments.
Q - when is the decision going to be made? It is made by the planning staff. They are in the preliminary stages and still have to apply.
Q - how many bedrooms will it have? 3 bedrooms total, 2 flexible rooms on lower level with the master suite on the 2nd floor.
Q - what is the price range? Unsure now. Mid $400,000.
Q - Will Willamette Lane be improved? No, it will not be improved. Will have to review the water main situation (currently at the bottom of the slope) and sewer is available. Not required to improve the road, will maintain it during construction and add new gravel when finished.
Q - Have you done other projects on an incline? No. Some on Alberta but they cut into the slope. Look at houses on 11th and Skidmore (row houses and single homes) they are a good example of development type. Or go to: www.terrafirmabldg.com
Q - How would the house be clad? Not decided yet, still working on the price. It is seen as an adult home (no kids).
Q - How will you be able to construct without affecting the environmental zone? No cars from down below, pilings will be driven in (not drilled) and then built on top of. Will follow Erosion control guidelines. Will try to "tread lightly". There are limits on the area that they can disturb.
Q - What about earthquakes or landslides? Hired a consultant to review and the pilings were determined sufficient. In a slide the hill should slide down around the house.

6. Bylaws - postponed to November meeting.
7. Reports:
    * Livability - city competition for designs of in-fill housing. We can vote on the designs until Friday. www.livingsmartpdx.com. In December the designs will be shown. Can also go to NPNS and look at a book of the designs.
    * Vacancy with the Liquor License Advisory Board - if anyone is interested, contact the chair.
    * Roosevelt High is adding lights to the football field, and homecoming is Nov. 5th at 7pm. Tickets $5.
    * Astor - there are signs posted for work party days in the garden. SMART program has started, have times on Tues-Thurs from 9am to 1pm, only 1 hour a week.
    * Astor - has a chess for success program that meets with a coach and goes to the state level.
    * Karen - the communications committee is asking for volunteers.
    * Paul - There is a Land Use planning forum on Weds. 27th at the Overlook House (3839 N. Melrose) at 7pm. Will be talking about neighborhood and district plans.
    * Paul - OMSI is hosting a community block party to learn about planning. On Nov. 13th.
    * Port of Portland will present an update in Novemeber.
    * Jim from UP might be able to help the communications group with photocopies etc.
    * Lenny Anderson: works with transit group in Swan Island. They mapped the homes of Swan Island workers and a lot were in North Portland. Proposes improving the Wadd's Bluff trail from Willamette Blvd. down the slope to Mocks Bottom. Would be 10-12 feet wide and have a bridge over the railroad tracks.

Dwayne - motion to adjourn.
Judy - seconded the motion.
Meeting adjourned at 8:42pm