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UPNA Board Meeting - March 14, 2005

called to order 7:05pm
1. Review of board minutes for Feb. 28th. Brian motions to approve the minutes, Paul seconds. All voted in favor - approved.
2. Updated treasurers report (separate handout). Question on how much $ we have in the ONI account. Shelley will look into it.
3. Chair's Meeting / Updates from Shelley:
       a. N Portland Cleanup coming up. Looking for volunteers to sign up. Also there will be a flier handed out that neighborhoods can have key events listed on. (No event decided on to add to flier).
       b. ONI budget is being reconsidered (they have to make cuts). Some info on the changes: want the neighborhood inspectors and noise control enforcement to move to the bureau of development services.
       c. The new owner of the Portsmouth Club (Dustin Drago) is available to come to the next meeting to fill us in on plans for business. Brian motions to have Dustin come and talk to us at the March general meeting. Judy seconds. All in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.
       d. DEQ / Portland Harbor would like to come to May meeting to talk about the McCormick-Baxter cleanup. Fletcher moves to have them come to the May meeting. Brian seconds. All in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.
       e. Freight Master Plan Meetings are the 1st Thursday of every month at city hall at 7:30am. The Plan is a guide for freight policies for the future (to designate roads and truck routes, also inventories of routes and improvements needed). The plan has been worked on since 2003. They have a grant from ODOT so they are finalizing the plan (map) and will present it to the city.
       f. St. John's is planning a bridge rededication party in September after the construction is finished but before the bridge is open (so it will be closed for the event). They are looking for ideas for the event or people who would like to have a booth. Email: StJohnsBridge@gmail.com.
(side note: the St. John's Parade date has changed, possibly to the 7th of May?)

4. Communications:
       a. would like the committee to meet soon.
       b. completed a grant request for $ for the summer event. For health reasons would have to have prepackaged ice cream bars instead of tubs of ice cream. Asked for $680 plus $105 in matching funds (from community or neighborhood association). Will ask Fred Meyer if they would be willing to donate $ or ice cream. Talked to the Parks Department about using Portsmouth Park (it is usually used by Little League during the summer) but should be able to coordinate. All Neighborhood Associations have a 1 time waiver of the fees to reserve a park (approx. $150), once a year. Could possibly tie the event into neighbors night out which is in early August. Some of the money requested was for port-a-potties. We could possibly have a popcorn machine (borrow from ONI) but would need a generator to power it (Dwayne said that he has one we could use). Also asked for money to pay for renting tables but we could also try to borrow from neighborhood churches or businesses. Some of the money will be for prizes and activities for kids. Would like to ask people for suggestions on the neighborhood and for future summer events. Will look into having this event on neighbors night out (free advertising).

1. Paul suggests that we have a budget review at the April meeting ( to make sure we're going to spend the ONI money). Ok, will have a budget theme for the April board meeting.
2. Dwayne - has some info on Dennis cleaning up the neighborhood. The city and the police might change their opinion on his activities. He has a permit to carry a concealed weapon but also has some type of badge from the police. There was an article in In & About. The police don't want him to have a badge if he is going to carry a weapon.
3. Karen - are there any comments on the logo design contest? Shelley- perhaps we should wait until the Fall when UP students are back. Paul - think we should have it sooner and have it open to residents or designers. Discussion. Agree to have the logos finished & displayed at the summer event so the residents can vote on it.
4. Discussion of future Board Meetings. Will have the meetings the 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm. Brian motions to hold the meetings at the church (the same as the general meetings). Paul seconds. All in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.
5. Shelley - sign up info for receiving emails from the police & community policing news. Add the info to the website.
6. Shelley - will create a summary of info and events to have at the general meetings. If we have info email it to Shelley prior to the general meetings.
7. Fletcher - has an idea to include in the newsletter a request for people with old photos of the neighborhood to contact us so we can add them to the website. Could also as the churches and UP to look for their old photos.
8. Brian - the Bylaws will be sent to the city and sent to Ana as a PDF so it can be added to the website. Will also provide copies at the General meetings.

5. Land Use: nothing new. Question - anything new on the property on the bluff that TerraFirma is developing? Heard that the University would like to purchase the property. No other new news, busy with other projects.
6. Livability:
       a. The St. Johns Neighborhood Association had a meeting about the St. Johns/ Lombard Street Plan to make a list of the items they would like to see happen first (prioritize). Don't seem to be happy with the plans for the old Safeway building (condos only). Want to address parking issues, upgrading lots now and other economic issues. Shelley comments: Metro has money for transit oriented development (that includes pedestrian and busses). They could add retail on the ground level.
       b. Wrote a grant for plants & planting the triangle on Willamette Blvd. Asked for $4000 for plant, and benches.
7. Public Safety: was a mix up with the location of the meeting. Heard second hand that they talked about the closing of Roosevelt High campus, break-ins and budget meetings. There is a request for people to attend the hearings regarding the police budgets.
8. Schools:
       a. The UP dinner is Weds. March 30th at 6:30pm. Will call with specific location at UP. Spouses invited also.
       b. Met with Phil Engle and discussed the next steps. He talked with Mr. Walden at Astor (who was concerned that if there is an assessment he would be forced to have to upgrade but would not have the funding) so the Astor play equipment is on hold. Will meet with the PTA group to get more support. Can have the neighborhood take a poll to determine what they feel is most important and then could have training on those issues. Will also talk to Holy Cross. The schools will be more of a long term goal due to lack of money. The parks update could come sooner because they are able to get grants.

Dwayne - motions to adjourn the meeting. Fletcher seconds. All in favor, none opposed. Meeting adjourned 8:53pm.

General Meeting March 28th

called to order at 7:05pm

1. Introductions
2. Crime Update:
       * Caught a thief in a house on N. Curtis (near the Walgreens), he was still in the house when the police arrived. It is estimated he has robbed up to 15 houses.
       * Because of the theft, would like to remind you to video tape or photograph your belongings in your home and also in your purse or wallet. Then you will have a record of what you had. Keep the photos in a safe deposit box.
       * Also, you can contact OptOut which will remove your name from mailing lists and credit solicitations (so you won't receive credit card offers in the mail. Check www.clarkhoward.com.
       * Issued a warrant for counterfeit money, drug use, forgery, identity theft for a house on Fairhaven last week. Issue warrants on about 1 house per week.
       * Comment: We still need crosswalk enforcement on Lombard. Cars do not stop. Response: Will talk to the commander. Also, looked into the crosswalk on the bike path by the railroad cut and the median in the center is a safety zone so cars coming in the far lane do not have to stop until the person has reached the median.
       * There has been a photo radar device placed on Willamette Blvd. Signs are posted before you reach the radar to warn you.
       * Comment: Sometimes there are safety reviews where they catch speeders or cars who do not stop at crosswalks and then send reminders in the mail to let them know they were caught. Often people will stop. Also, there have been some stop signs added in the neighborhood but not at all intersections which can cause problems. People drive faster between stop signs or assume at un-marked intersections that the other traffic must stop. Response: Place comments on the portlandonline website, ODOT monitors traffic comments.
3. Jim Kuffner: Absent.
4. Presentation from Flexcar - Steve.
        Flexcar is a car sharing service, like rental cars. You can rent a car by the hour or by the day. It was started by 2 brothers in Berlin who decided to save money by sharing a car but only used it a couple hours a week so they added friends and soon it was a business. It is about 25 years old and very popular in Europe though it is spreading throughout the U.S. In Portland Flexcar has 85 cars parked in reserve spots across the city. As a member (fee of $35) you can call or use their web site to reserve a specific car (up to 1 hour in advance) in increments of 1/2 hour to a couple of days. You are able to see the schedule of the car and when you reserve it no one else will be able to. You are given a special card (credit card size) that opens the door of the Flexcar and the keys are in the glovebox. Then you must enter your pin number into a small machine and that will start the car. Then you can use the car and return it to the same space when you're done. Overall there are 25,000 members in 5 cities (Portland, Seattle, D.C., Los Angeles and San Diego) and it is possible to reserve cars in those cities also. The rates are hourly $7-9 depending on hours used in a month, or daily $40-80. Insurance and gas are part of the rate and Flexcar maintains and cleans the car. Smoking or pets not in a carrier are not allowed and if you are caught you will be fined $200 and have your membership canceled. There is a credit card in the car that you use to purchase gas, you must fill up the car if it drops below 1/4 tank. In Portland there are 6500-7000 members, most take transit to work downtown and only occasionally need a car. About 1/2 of the members are businesses, it is cheaper than having their own fleet of cars. If you drive every day then Flexcar would not be effective for you. They have a variety of cars: sedans, hybrids, SUV's, vans, trucks. Per hour rented to are allowed 30 miles free, if you use less than that you can carry over the mileage and use it in the remaining month. There are vehicles located on Interstate (in Kenton, Lombard, Portland, Killingsworth and Mississippi).
        Flexcar is working with the University of Portland and Tri-met (who will underwrite the vehicles) to have shuttle vans (7 passenger Honda Odessy vans) located at the campus that would go between Interstate Ave (max line) and the campus. During the day the cars would be able to be used by others and the weekends as well. They are waiting on Tri-met's approval and the shuttle would start in August.
       Regarding the placement of new cars - Flexcar needs to have 5-6 hours of use per every 24 hour period to not loose money on a car. If the use is high then they look at adding additional cars in the area.
Q - What would help to have a car placed in the area? If we had 15 people who agreed to use it, would that help? Flexcar needs 100 hours per month so 10 people each using the car 10 hours a month would be enough (or 20 people using it 5 hours a month).
Q - Are there age restrictions? Yes, you need to be 21 years old and have a good driving record (they check).
Q - How are you billed? Each person gets a bill once a month, like a phone bill, with a line for each trip taken. You must pay for the hours you reserve the car (but it is possible to cancel early).
       The car comes with instructions and Flexcar has OnStar type features - the cars can be remote started, doors unlocked etc...
5. Presentation from North Portland Tool Library - Jason Hatch. www.northportlandtoollibrary.org
The tool library opened in the fall of 2004. They borrowed the idea from other cities (Berkley). They are based in the basement of the Kenton Firehouse. Any North Portland resident can use the library (need to show ID and past utility bills) for free. You can rent 7 tools for 1 week. They are open every Saturday 9am to 2pm and tools need to be returned by 10am (there is a fine if not returned on time). There is a coordinator to help and they offer safety classes on how to use the tools. There are power tools and smaller hand tools (their website has a list of all the tools available). They do take tool donations (they must be in good condition and will be inspected). They purchase new tools also. They have received grants to purchase the tools and operate.
6. Old Business - none.
7. New Business:
* Paul: There is a public open house on April 5th regarding the freeway (I-5) and Delta Park interchange (including Lombard). It is at 4134 N. Vancouver from 4-8pm. There are 4 options being proposed.
* Karen: Applied for a grant for a summer event which should be held some time in August.
* Fletcher: Applied for a grant for the traffic triangle on Willamette Blvd. Asked for $4000 for plants, bench and a sign.
* Shelley: The North Portland CleanUp is April 23rd (8am-3pm) at the church on Lombard near Columbia Park. We need volunteers to help (then the neighborhood will get some of the proceeds). They might have a couple trucks to drive into the neighborhoods and to help people who might not be able to do it themselves. At the drop off they ask for donations of $5-10. It is in conjunction with the SOLV cleanup.
* Brian: Astor still needs volunteers to work in the garden. Saturdays 12-4pm or Tuesdays / Thursdays 12-4pm.
* Brian: A final copy of the bylaws was given to Shelley and is kept in the records file (with handouts and notes from each meeting).
* Shelley: The board meetings are now the 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm.
* Shelley: North Portland will be affected by the school closures. The affected neighborhoods are asking for letters of support from other North Portland neighborhoods requesting that they have their questions answered (How much will they save by closing the schools, what will they do with the buildings, there was a new school planned for Hope VI - will that continue). UPNA cannot send out a letter without a discussion. If people would like to support the other neighborhoods, Shelley would happily write the letter.
       *Comment: (Paul) Hopes they do not sell the school building in Kenton now because if the neighborhood grows it would need to be used in the future.
       * Comment: (Shelley) At the Chair's Meeting they discussed that the schools are anchors in the communities. What will they do with the property? In the future, if the population goes up will they have the ability to reopen it, what if they had sold it, would they have to build a new school? It will also affect the student / teacher ratios.
       * Comment: (Paul) There are school board meetings coming up to elect new school board members. We should be involved in that.
* Shelley: On September 12th, St. Johns is having a rededication of the bridge. They want to include residents of all of North Portland and are asking for ideas. Businesses, neighborhood associations or individuals can be involved. Personally, will have a bike safety booth.
* Scott: State money has been designated for the Waud's Bluff trail. The money was set aside and there will be meetings to work on the planning and design of the trail. Scott will continue to be the contact regarding the meetings and report back to the association.
* Shelley: UPNA is considering having a "meet and greet" before the general meetings at 6:30pm.
* Shelley: Dustin, the new owner of the Portsmouth Club (and adjoining restaurant) will be coming to the meeting next month to discuss the renovations and the changes to the restaurant.

Meeting adjourned 8:28pm