June 28, 2004
Held at Astor Elementary School

Board Meeting
6:35pm called to order

Treasurer's Report:
$914.44 at Albina Community Bank
Waiting on money's due (from cleanup).
Money in Community budget, ~$400, $130 spent on fliers, $60-70 on food, remaining money used for website start up costs. This money had to be used by June.

Secretary's Report:
Karen is still unable to attend meetings. Ana Tomblin is the pro tem secretary, no report.

By-law Committee:
The committee met last week, June 20th. They are working on their strategy for revisions.

Committee Chair's Reports:
Telephone pole replacement is happening in the neighborhood and is affecting traffic.

By the end of October they will be finished with the cap at the McCormick & Baxter superfund site on the Willamette.
Fletecher will be writing a letter to Casey at the bureau of planning to create a plan for the triangle on Willamette Blvd and Olin.

Land Use:
Will give report during general meeting.

Public Safety:
no report.

Read part of an article from the Oregonian about Jefferson High,
Homeschooling - are there moneies going to these students? Something to think about.
Some custodian's have been laid off to save money.
Chair's Meeting Report:
The Chair's meeting will meet with Lt. Keith Morse of the North Precinct next month.
The OLCC is working on a good neighbor agreement with the St. John's neighborhood association, Cathedral Park neighborhood and some of the businesses in downtown St. John's.
A porn shop is opening on Interstate Ave. accross from Okley Green Middle School. Currently there is nothing the neighbors can do about it.

General Items:
a. The UPNA sign board was completed and delivered to the church.
b. A thank you letter was sent to Roy Heynderickx
c. A get well card was sent to Karen Lindquist, UPNA secretary
d. UPNA meeting fliers for June were delivered to the entire neighborhood by Fletcher Trippe.
Meeting Adjourned 6:58pm

General Meeting
7:04pm called to order

Nick Fish - running for city commisioner

John Walden, principal of Astor Elementary School
Erin at Urban Water Works
planting a water garden, the downspouts will be diverted into the garden. Have received grant money for the garden. They will pant native plants, teach children about ecosystems. There will be a stage area, cistern, bridge over a brook, marsh, sculptures, flowers, trees, shade, benches.
Students and children made tiles, commemorative bricks are available and there will be a mural. They want the garden to be a part of the community. It is sponsored by Urban Water Works ( a non-profit group) who's goal is to bring art, science and water together in community projects.

Brian Rohter, President, New Seasons Market
New store coming in 2005 to the corner of Interstate Ave. and Portland Blvd.
They will be diverting downspout water also onto an eco-roof. The new store is similar in size to the 33rd St. Concordia store, it will have 25,000 sqft on the first floor and 5,000 sqft on the second floor which is used as the stock room. The property has to be rezoned for commercial use, they have submitted the building permits and should start construction in September 2004 and open in June/July 2005. There will be 60 parking spaces (less than at the Concordia store). The store will also have a pharmacy with a more holistic approach. Approx. 140 people will work at the store, they are trying to recruit people from the neighborhood, already have a very high number of applicants, the store will be diverse and reflect the neighborhood. It will be open 8am to 10pm everyday. There will be a kiosk on the corner of Portland Blvd. and Interstate, accross from the MAX stop. They leased the kiosk to POIC for $1/year, POIC will train high school students and they will work at the kiosk selling coffee, tea, pastries, newspapers and magazines. To contact Brian call 503-292-1987 x101 or email brianr@newseasonsmarket.com

Jim Kuffner (from University of Portland)
Regarding the lighting of the soccer field, there will be 8 Friday games and 1 Monday game where the field will be lit at night. The baseball lighting project has been put on hold.

Good of the Order:
a. LLAC (Liquor License Advisory Committee) helps the OLCC with regulation and problem areas. They worked on the time, place and manner ordinance that was passed. If you are interested in serving on the committee, contact Judy Chambers.
b. July 26th meeting will be held at the church and will focus on goal setting.
c. August 23rd meeting, the Port of Portland would like to come to the meeting to talk about Terminal 4 and the sediment cleanup. Agreement from board members that this is ok.

Meeting Adjourned 8:15pm