July 2005 Minutes               Board Meeting            General Meeting

Board Meeting, Monday July 11, 2005

Attendees: Ana Tomblin, Fletcher Trippe, Shelley Oylear, Dwayne Runyan, Paul Maresh, Karen Lindquist

Called to Order: 7:05pm

Treasurer’s Report: $1039.19 (+0.86 for last months interest)

Secretary: Fletcher motions to approve last months morning minutes, Paul seconds. Approved.

Chair’s Report:
    did not meet in July (due to July 4th holiday)
    thinking about a sign up list for the ice cream event, for people requesting specific info (on crime) then she can forward info to them.

Fletcher: have a sign up sheet for the McCormick & Baxter walking tour at the August event.
Shelley: thinking of having the walking tour the either the 9th or the 15th, waiting to hear back.

    got permit from parks, comment in letter about not allowing sales of items, but had listed a bake sale in plan of event. Will have to check on this item.
    Fred Meyer gave us $60 donation that we’ll use for buying soda, ice, napkins etc...
    Also a donation of $25 from Karen’s mom.
    Shelley: The grant is for how much? It is for $680. What are we spending it on?
    $25 ice cream cart
    $30 for dry ice
    $200 ice cream (creamsicles, fudgesicles, firecrackers, ice cream sandwiches)
    2 tables on hold at ONI. 1 plastic picnic table (Dwayne).
    Games rented from PartyPlace, $35 for table top games (duck pond, ring toss, bean bag toss etc...) aprox $120
    Prizes $100 from Oriental Trading Company
    Sacks for sack race, $20
    copies of fliers to put in neighborhood $50+
    Craft supplies
    need 7-8 tables

Land Use:
    rezoning Interstate Ave.
    public comment on Killingsworth Station - now mostly subsidized housing instead of a mix

Environmental: (Fletcher)
    turned down for grant but will be applying for another one ($500 for plants/dirt).
Paul - concerned that the trail / pedestrian bridge over the train tracks from Willamette Blvd. to Swan Island. Do not want to have a stop light on Willamette Blvd.
Shelley talked to city - have the money for the trail but the planning and design are just getting started.
Dwayne - some type of trail will go down from traffic triangle to Swan Island, correct. Yes. But that also means that some type of traffic crossing will have to be added.
Fletcher - they can lengthen the sidewalk on the bluff side etc... There are lots of options and it will be discussed. The design is not in Lenny’s hands anymore and it is up to ODOT.
Shelley - have talked to them and been assured that the design has not been created and that the neighborhood will be a part of the design process. The city will be involved in the process (the city owns the bluff). There are 2 different plans, the Swan Island Trail Plan and the River Walk Plan (part of the green way).

Dwayne motions to adjourn. Fletcher seconds. All in favor.
Meeting adjourned 8:32pm

General Meeting Monday July 25, 2005

Called to order 7:09  pm

1. Introductions

2. Crime & Safety update:
    a. handout guide for home and vehicle security. There has been a rise in these types of crimes. Don’t leave valuables in cars, lock houses, improve lighting. When recover property, people don’t know serial numbers to claim items. Document with photos and serial numbers. Continue to serve warrants. Some people from downtown moving over to Interstate and going into neighborhoods for crimes. Also trying to work with landlords to evict people (especially in St. Johns). Stolen car rate is up, older Toyotas, smaller cars. Newer cars are harder, but older cars are easier to jam the ignition. Pedal club locks to the brake. Steering clubs can be a deterrent also. Don’t leave anything in the car. Watch for people on bikes, prowling.
    b. review of meth. meth coming up from Mexico. meth pipe, class pipe with glass bulb at end, heat up with a torch. crack/cocaine pipe is a straight pipe with brillo on the end. high from crack lasts 15-20 minutes, meth is 12-18 hours or even days with multiple hits. Eventually ruins pituitary glands and do not feel emotions. Heroin sick, throwing up, convulsions, sweat, pain from not having a hit. Meth can also be snorted or injected with needles.
    Q: cost? Meth hit, $20 for 12-18 hours. crack is $15 for a short hit. Heroin, $15-20 for one hit. 0.1 - 0.2 grams. Often in jewelry plastic bags.
    Q: how do we account for the increase of meth? supply and demand. The supply has gone up so it is easier to get, demand goes up. Slack borders from Mexico accounts for it. Also marijuana from Canada. Not as prevalent on the East coast.
    Q: drug stops on Yale, any other reports? people call and get an address, person drives up (or walks), do a quick deal and leave.
    Q: should you approach someone on Meth who appears to be breaking into something? Meth users are usually paranoid, can use that to your advantage, most will be scared and run off. Time and distance are your friend - don’t get to close, yell out, threaten to call the cops. Get to know your neighbors.
    Q: gearing up for start of UP? Last year was great. Get started on the right foot. Police has a great relationship with UP security.
    Q: could we get a copy of the police report regarding people throwing rocks on Freightliner (trail on bluff). Would like to bring this info to city. Need the date. Also cars drive over edge, fires, people hide in bushes. What about lighting? Shelley, have any other info, please email Chair.
    Q: on St. Johns bridge (regarding lanes). It is planned to be 4 lanes, like it was before. Groups have requested adding bike lanes but because of the trucks (and businesses) ODOT has stayed with the 4 lanes. Sidewalks are to narrow for bikes, so some bikers will just ride in lanes.

3. University of Portland update (Jim Kuffner):
    a. reached an agreement on a purchase and sale agreement for the Zeidel property. Voted unanimously to accept agreement. Will now work on negotiations with city groups. The property has not been purchased yet but have agreed to buy with certain changes and 18 months “research”. Zones need to be changed, other groups need to be talked to (working with River groups to include green ways etc...). If everything goes as planned would gain ownership by Dec. 31st 2006.
    b. brought info for Ice Cream social
    c. Upcoming soccer game against Stanford will be a free neighbor night. Sat at 7pm, Aug. 27th. Letter will be sent to neighbors with more info.
    d. Fall semester begins Aug. 29th but students will start to move in before that.
    Q: Chambers house on corner, there have been electrical trucks for the past few weeks, what is being done? UP is working on inside of house, new electrical panel being added, new windows and other changes.
    Q: can people over 65 years old sit in a class with no charge (PSU has this service)? Will have to check, perhaps for classes that were not totally full. There is access to the library.

4. Guest Presentation: River Plan / River Renaissance, Barbara Hart

5. Old Business:
    a. upcoming events:
        Aug. 2nd - Ice Cream Social, Portsmouth Park, 5 to 9pm
        Aug. 8th - UPNA Board meeting
        Aug. 15th - McCormick & Baxter Site Tour, 6:30pm
        Aug. 22nd - UPNA General meeting, nominations for board members with elections in Sept.
    b. Ice Cream Social -
i. activities for kids, popcorn, soda, water, ice cream. $ was donated from N. Portland Trust (from PIR). Races, carnival games. Bake sale, need volunteers to bake. Will have info table and give away items. The logo design contest entries will be there to vote on. Need volunteers to help with games, races, hand out ice cream etc... Also need folding chairs for yourself, or to share. Just come and hang out to meet people.
ii. Possibly a survey for issues they are concerned about or interested in, or add their name to a mailing list.
    c. Will have a sign up sheet for the planting of the triangle and will begin working on it in the fall. Applying for a plant/soil grant for                 $500. Also hoping to get plant donations from companies and individuals. Q: removal of concrete? Not at this time, there are large             beds for planting. City requests planting native plants.

6. New Business:
    Paul - there will be an opportunity for neighbors and community members to have input on the Greenway trail (connecting Cathedral         park with the Eastbank Esplanade). Step 1 is path from water treatment to the railroad bridge. It is at the planning stages now.
    New houses on Westanna sold for $199. Similar houses in New Columbia sold for $207 ( square footage wise, garages are in the back).

7. Open Discussion

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm