UPNA - February 28, 2005
Board Meeting:

Called to order 6:30pm
1. Secretary - Ana motions to approve January minutes, Fletcher 2nds. No discussion. Voted - majority yes. Jan minutes approved.
2. Treasurer - balance as of 31 Jan = $988.34. Additional report provided with running totals.
3. Chair - At Chair's meeting discussed PIR's request to increase the days allowed to exceed noise levels.
There was a hearing in early February but unsure of results / outcome. This issue affects many neighborhoods and there is a group that is trying to get info out to the neighborhoods on how to complain etc... Also, PIR wanted out of the payment they make to the neighborhoods due to the noise but they were forced to keep their agreement and will still have to pay the money. There are options for PIR to help block the noise (walls or installations on their property) and the residents of N. Portland need to be vocal. The City of Portland is responsible for the Noise Ordinance. Paul - suggested we put ads in the St. John's Review and In & About with info on how to complain about the noise.

Committee Chairs Reports:
4. Bylaws - Will discuss at the general meeting. Brought the section with changes to be reviewed at the general meeting.
5. Communications - the committee met in Jan. Discussed: A. Newsletter (with the hope to come out in April.
It would include a history of UPNA, what's happening, meeting info, calendar of events, tool library info, perhaps a local business highlight and a chair's column). Name suggestions are needed, some options are: the Cliff, Apex, Cedars, Madrona, Palisades, University Park News. B. A summer event during June, perhaps an ice cream social / carnival. Small to start, invite the police / fire to come to talk to neighbors, U.P., the Port of PDX (?), have family activities (face painting, go fish, raffle etc...). Idea would be to meet your neighbors. Suggest having it at Portsmouth Park because of it's central location. C. Logo design contest for the neighborhood. Working on a flier with the info outlining the contest (still working on the details - deadline, prize, judges). Suggestion to vote on the logo design at the June event and announce the contest in the newsletter.
6. Environmental - The previous chair has resigned due to family issues. The position is now vacant and the chair and vice-chair will step in until the position is filled.
7. Land Use - Info for the general meeting.
There is a proposal for adjustments to properties in nearby neighborhoods and would like to suggest that UPNA support the nearby neighborhoods regarding land use issues (which could help at city council meetings) and those neighborhoods would do the same for us. Would like to be able to endorse their opinions because the timelines do not allow for land use meetings in between hearings. Would need the okay for discretion / flexibility to endorse the land use opinions without reviewing with UPNA prior. Suggestion made to discuss this at the next board meeting, the chairs group has talked about coalitions but nothing was decided. Will review this idea at the general meeting.
8. Livability - Info at general meeting.
9. Public Safety - Was a meeting Feb 1st. Discussed the gang issue at Roosevelt which has now been made a closed campus to help reduce violence.         Complaints of regarding pedestrians, cars not stopping for them.
10. Schools - info at the general meeting.
Old Business - none.
New Business - none.
Adjourned 7:04pm

General Meeting:

1. Introductions
2. Crime & Safety Update
       a. handed out magnets with phone #s
       b. handout on crime statistics from 1-28-05 to 2-27-05. 10 crimes total.
       c. issued more search warrants for drugs - priority to get them out of the neighborhood.
       d. there are 3 detectives for N. precinct (focus on property crimes & fraud)
       e. Tues March 1st is a budget meeting at Kenton firehouse that will affect police - 6:30 to 8:30pm
       f. Possibility that the Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) could be cut in the budget changes. What does NRT do versus regular police? In North Portland there are 3 areas with 2 district cars per area for each shift (6 officers total). If someone calls 911 those officers are the ones to respond and write reports. They can spend their entire shift going out and don't have much time for following up. NRT follows up on reports, works on the involvement website project, answers phone calls from neighbors, goes to neighborhood meetings, writes search warrants. There are 3 NRT officers for North Portland. Without NRT the district officers will not have time to follow up and do their job.
       g. Roosevelt High School is now a closed campus to help reduce violence.
       h. There has been some increased gun violence on Interstate Ave (and Lombard).
3. Jim Kuffner - UP
       a. Still discussing purchasing Zeidel property.
       b. Side note about trail on the bluff - Shelley testified that UPNA was concerned at a planning hearing. The commission did not exclude the trail from the URA but did specify that a UPNA member must participate in the design of the trails.
       c. Spring break is coming up in March.
       d. Student plays this week on Weds & Thurs, free.
       e. Bob Dylan concert Fri & Sat night March 11 & 12th at Chiles Center.
       f. Commencement is April 30 / May 1st.
       g. Working on donating some folding arm chairs to the church because they are no longer being used at UP.
       h. A praise report for UP: 1. 7th year in the top 10 universities on the west coast. 2. Attractive to top students in the West, 3.68 GPA for freshman. 3. "Hot college" and working on expanding the appeal in the NW.
4. Guest Presentation: Phil Engle from the Injury Free Coalition for Kids
The program is to reduce childhood injury. IN North Portland there is a higher rate of falls (at parks / schools). They go out to neighborhoods to talk about the program and get people involved. They also go to schools, community groups and parks depts to work together to get funding to improve play equipment. McKenna park was identified that it needs an upgrade for safety. Portsmouth park could also use an upgrade. Working with the parks dept. to write grants for funding to fix these parks. Looking for people who would like to be involved. At James John they gave cameras to the kids to document the areas that they play (focusing on the safety). Has info that will leave for us if someone is interested. Q? - Do you work with anyone interested (with schools also)? A- yes, principals, PTA groups. Also with Allstate (for grants). They'd like to work with Astor to improve the play structure there as well. The current grant they're working on would bundle a couple of parks together (better chance of getting the money). Q?- What can we do to help? A - Create a committee or group of 3-4 people to meet with Phil. Make an assessment of needs, write the grants together, the neighborhood could raise money to show support, the funding and grant process could take years. Any changes to the structures must bring them up to the current safety guidelines including the surfacing (asphalt vs. wood chips etc..). The Program also deals with bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, dog bites etc... and goes into schools to talk about these issues. It depends on the needs of the area. Paul - moves to send out a mailing to the neighborhood residents looking for volunteers. (someone comments - how about in the April newsletter). Would rather alert people now. Brian - Volunteers to be the liaison for UPNA. Shelley - instead of a mailing we can appoint a contact person to work with Phil and any others that are interested and leave it up to them to decide on how to get others involved. Paul - concerned it will take a long time to get going. For now Fletcher, Brian and Scott with discuss it with Phil.
5. Bylaws Presentation (Brian)
          a. last month was a formal presentation of the updated bylaws and there was 1 suggestion which will be reviewed and discussed now.
          b. George sent Brian a letter with suggested language.
          c. Brian adjusted the language to be more inclusive.
d. The issue was regarding legal counsel - there was no information in the bylaws regarding obtaining legal counsel. In section 2a. added a second paragraph: (in summary) if legal counsel is sought then the process is tabled until the Executive Board determines if legal counsel for UPNA needs to be sought. Motion to propose acceptance of this amendment of bylaws. Discussion of what happens to the timeline. Does it stop the timeline? It says "table it", so what if it takes 3 weeks / 1 month to decide on getting a lawyer? It pauses the timeline. Suggestion to add text to put a set time limit for the Executive Board to hire a lawyer, 30 days.
Paul - original language had more concerns for him (stopping or impeding seeking legal counsel). Feels that the whole thing is unnecessary.
Karen - it is not the best way to handle conflict management (adding parties ), it causes adversaries.
Brian - adding this adds a safeguard for UPNA (previously had no rights) this is a significant and important addition.
Dwayne - this is only for serious issues eg. being sued.
Paul / Karen - don't see that. Only cause more conflict resolution issues.
Others feel that it is important for our safety.
Brian - references to past event are not the reason this is being added - just that we needed to set timelines and guidelines etc... for UPNA. Still need flexibility for the current board. Chair should be able to say I cannot deal with this (skill level, abilities, knowledge) and be able to get help.
Karen - what if that issues comes up for the chair without legal counsel being involved.
Brian - we can't write it for all situations, it's best just to focus on the issue of legal counsel. The wording doesn't say that it will be tabled, just that it is an option.
Dwayne - Question about the grievance committee chair (as a standing committee)? Yes - it is a standing committee of 1 person to be elected each year at the annual meeting - if someone runs for the position.
Fletcher - moves that we accept the update to the grievance issue as part of the proposed bylaws. Judy - seconds motion.
Discussion: Paul - against adding this amendment. Dwayne - supports adding this as a member of the Executive Board for the safety concerns. Shelley - put to a vote to approve section 2a amendment. (Roll read of who is able to vote - 16 total). In favor = 13. Opposed = 1. Amendment passed.
Brian - propose passing the entire bylaws as presented last month and with the new amendment passed just now. Effective March 1st. Jim K. seconds. Discussion? None. Vote to ratify the bylaws as presented in the last 2 meetings with the amendment we just voted on. In favor = 17. Opposed = 0. (George Galati arrived at meeting and was eligible to vote).
YEAH! The new bylaws have been passed.
Old Business:
Schools Report (Brian): (with handout).
a. The UP meeting is on hold due to open meeting laws and will be changed to a different type of meeting. Individuals will be called to coordinate a March 30th meeting. b. School closures proposed in Portland. c. Able to purchase pledges at Powell's for new books for school libraries in metro area schools. d. Info on State proposals for statewide programs (mandating PE and health).
New Business: (Shelley - there is a handout that lists state and area representatives with contact info.)
1. Land Use: nothing new within UPNA but in 2 adjoining neighborhoods there are adjustments to zoning / planning codes being proposed.
Would like to propose if the UPNA land use committee wishes to file an amicable letter in support of other neighborhoods that is can do so.
Brian - it depends on if the neighborhood association wants to uphold existing code but if they are ok with variances then it becomes more complicated.
Dwayne - not all variances are bad and it would depend on specific circumstances.
Brian - I think what Paul is asking is more our opinions on sticking to existing codes because there isn't enough time to meet, discuss the changes and present it at a meeting. In the new bylaws he will have the right to speak on out behalf then bring that info to the next meeting to be ratified if necessary (as a member of UPNA).
Shelley - suggest that only if the other neighborhoods approach UPNA asking for support.
Paul - wants to have a greater sense of a coalition.
Jim K - would feel better if the discretion involved only land use issues in our own neighborhood.
Paul - we currently have that. Always vote & support the majority (without personal opinions interfering).
Judy - understands that there is a little discomfort because of the unknown elements.
Shelley - don't think action needs to be taken. Paul knows our level of concern and it is up to him to determine the level of importance, if it needs to be brought up for the entire membership. If a neighborhood association asks for our support and the issue involves safety or a single property that is okay but larger issues need to be brought to UPNA. They still need to be reported to us.
2. Communications: a. Hoping to have a newsletter for early April. Need ideas for names - contact Karen with suggestions.
Also with any article suggestions. The newsletter will be twice a year, 11x17 paper folded to make 4 pages. b. Planning a summer event - an ice cream social / carnival in lieu of an actual meeting in June at Portsmouth Park. Would have children's activities, invite groups to come meet neighbors. c. Creating a neighborhood logo. Will have a contest with basic info / flier and a submission form. The logo would be to identify the neighborhood in many ways - letterhead, street signs, benches etc.., Still working on the contest (discussing the timeline, prizes etc...).
Shelley - there is a lot of info on the table if interested, won't review it all in order to save time.
Fletcher - Lou ( a member of UPNA) had heart surgery but is doing well. UPNA will send a card.
       Also, have a member who would like to be chair of service/livability/transportation (Scott Mizee). Fletcher motions we elect Scott chair. Dwayne         seconds. All in favor - majority vote. Passed. Welcome, Scott.
       We also have a new vacancy - environmental / open space chair has resigned. Please let the chair or vice-chair know if you are interested.
       Noticed that the Portsmouth Club on Lombard has changed management (they also own the BBQ restaurant). Perhaps they will fix it up.
George - Would like to request that for new people a copy of the bylaws are kept in a binder and is accessible at meetings for all members.
Shelley - currently have a filing box where the meeting minutes and handouts are kept for each month. Will add a section for the bylaws and will keep copies there.
Scott - next month there will be a presentation from FlexCar about the proposed car to be located at UP.

Meeting adjourned 8:50pm
Note: The Board meeting will be held on the 2nd Monday of the month separate from the General meeting. Location not yet set.