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Board Meeting Aug. 8th

UPNA Board Meeting
August 15th, 2005
Notes by Shelley Oylear
Attendees: Shelley Oylear, Brian Oylear, Scott Mizee, Karen Lindquist.
Start: 7:08
Karen: National Neighbors Night Out Event debriefing
There were many positive comments that the event went well.  The kids games worked out well such as having both formal and informal games. Some of the children were unsupervised.  We could have used a couple more trash cans.  We need to get all of our receipts into ONI for reimbursement. 

Brian Oylear: Results of the Logo Design Contest: Winner: Mitch Gould, Runner-up:Fletcher Trippe, Second runner-up: Ana Tomblin.   The results will be ratified at the next general meeting with certificates/awards recognizing winners at September general meeting.   The voting forms resulted in a good list of new neighbors to contact. 

Shelley Oylear: Review of upcoming general meetings agenda  items. August: Portland Harbor  September: Portland Freight Master Plan, Elections, Logo Awards.  October: River Plan, possible school contacts. 
Shelley spoke with COP park department about the status of Waud’s Bluff Trail.  The Swan Island Trail Plan was adopted by the COP.  The feasibility of the Waud’s Bluff Trail was evaluated in the trail plan and is funded.  However the pre-engineering and design will begin this fall and we were assured that UPNA and UP would be included. 

General Meeting Aug. 22nd

Called to Order 7:09pm

1. Introductions
2. Crime & Safety: absent
3. U.P. update: absent
4. Guest Presentation: Portland Harbor Superfund site (overview of cleanup)
Mikell (DEQ): 6 mile stretch of the river from Sauvie’s Island to Swan Island. Home of ship maintenance, wood treatment, and others. Those industries dumped waste into the river and it has become highly contaminated. In late 90’s after studies it was listed as a Federal Superfund site due to the high levels of contamination. The State (DEQ) is required to clean up the sites along the river (to prevent further contamination) and the Federal (EPA) cleans up the river itself.
Chip (EPA): focus on the water and the sediments in the river. Using responsible companies participation to investigate contamination and eventually pay for the cleanup. Looked at fish contamination (migratory and ones that stay, bass, carp, catfish). Took samples of sediments (at surface and at depths). Also exposed critters to the sediment to see if they survive. Also look at ground water that is still entering the water. They now are compiling the data to determine the hotspots for cleanup. There are already 3 locations that are already working on cleanup plans (early actions).
Mikell: DEQ is working with businesses along the river to determine the land contamination and see if the land is still contaminating the river. Find ways to reduce and remove contamination - dredge soils out to be treated or stored, could be capped to stop contamination from moving, work with businesses to better manage waste, look for ways to treat ground water (underground).
Q- how accommodating have the businesses been? It varies (over 60 businesses). Some volunteer to help cleanup and others do not want to. Those work with lawyers to enforce the mandatory cleanup. 2/3 of them are participating. Comment from Warren that NW Natural did not volunteer until they made front page news. Mikell - the public has a big impact. NW Natural has been a difficult company to work with, only seem to minimally comply.
Q - could we end up with more sites that are bankrupt (like McCormick & Baxter)? It is possible that it might happen but none of them would be as bad as McCormick & Baxter.
Julie- SHINE (health Dept.): Evaluate the risk to human health and then education and outreach to the community. Eating fish is the primary way that humans can be affected by the contamination. Findings just released. The resident fish are the most contaminated (catfish, carp and bass). PCB’s are the primary contaminant. Salmon and steelhead have lower levels. Have instructions for how to properly prepare the fish to reduce contamination (PCB’s are stored in the fats). About 1 year ago the health dept. issued a health advisory. Children and women of childbearing age, pregnant women should not eat the fish. Healthy adults should limit the amount.
Q- what about sturgeon? They were on the borderline of contaminants and were not listed as fish to avoid.
Placed signs in areas where people fish. Show pictures of fish and in many languages. Also have brochures in different languages. There is a very diverse group of people who fish in the river. Reaching out to community groups to help enhance the outreach program. Some people depend on the fish for their sustenance.
Q - comment on experience seeing people keeping fish at Kelley Point Park. Also there were lots of clams visible.
Q - potential harm for the employees of the businesses? Yes. Look at risks for recreational use, workers etc... and cleaned up to satisfy all those risks.
Q - any chance of the boundaries being extended? Yes. It depends on the data they get back. Have sampled outside of the area as well. Can consider certain areas as pockets but not include everything as part of the site. Also look at how much other pollution comes into the river and take that into consideration. Trying to target the hotspots.
Q - Sport fishing industry, have they been contacted? Yes. A member is part of a community advisory group.
Mikell - Community advisory groups are community members that come to meetings and report back to their communities. Many ways to stay up to date. Can add you to a mailing list and we love to come talk to neighborhood groups. The CAG group meets the 2nd Weds. of the month. There are occasional events on the river. Will have info at the St. Johns Bridge Re-opening. In February there will be a community tree planting event on McCormick & Baxter site. There will be another tour of the site in September.
5. Old Business:
    a. St. Johns Bridge Re-opening - Sept. 17 & 18th. The bridge will be closed on Sunday to cars so people can walk the bridge.
        If you know anyone who was there for the original opening contact the St. Johns Sentinel. Will have community booths and street fair.
    b. Ice Cream Social Feedback - what did you think?
        Super. Astonishing. Thought it would flop because there are some people who don’t talk to their neighbors. It’s a start.
        Got about 50 new residents info from the event to include on mailings.
    c. Ratification vote of Logo Contest Winner - tallied the votes from event and we have to vote on the results.
        2nd runner up, Ana Tomblin, bird design
        1st runner up, Fletcher Trippe, West Hall
        Winner, Mitch Gould, UPNA design (will request some changes)
        Brian - motion that the votes as obtained at event be ratified and accepted. Lou seconds. Vote: in favor: all, opposed: none.
        Have a presentation at the next meeting.
    d. Work party for the triangle plantings. Sept 31st / Oct. 1st. Start off with working on a section. Made $42 from bake sale which goes             towards plantings.
6. New Business
    a. Board & Chair Nominations: anyone interested? Fletcher will call people who are eligible. There will be a couple positions open.
7. Open Discussion

Fletcher motions to adjourn, Shelley seconds.

Adjourned at 8:19pm