DRAFT -   UPNA April Meeting Minutes:    Board Meeting      General Meeting

UPNA Board Meeting – Monday April 11, 2005

Called to order: 7:06pm

Executive Board Reports
1. Secretary- Approval of past board minutes: Fletcher motions, Judy seconds, all in favor, no opposed.
2. Chair: (from Chair’s Meeting)
a. OLCC – legislature changes. A Bill is being proposed that would undermine the Time/Place/Manner because it would only apply to incidents that are inside a business. (House Bill 2056) Neighbors wouldn’t be able to challenge businesses, the new law would only affect the individual person and only inside the establishment. City’s attorney testified in opposition to the change. If someone would like to follow up with the contact people (Rep. Hansen). It also changes it to a 2 year cycle for renewal (vs. 1 year). The bill would be in state law, which would over right the city law. Fletcher can pass it on to Scott. Paul – be sure to have that info at the next meeting.
b. Also discussed funding and city budget issues but nothing new, mostly opinions on the situation.  
3. Treasurer: no change to the balance. $988.34 (have not received new statement).

Committee Chairs’ Reports
4. Bylaws:
a. Waiting for copies of Maps to include in document. Will send to city. Need to have electronic copy for next meeting (to add to website).
5. Communications:
a. Received grant for the summer event. Working on planning it. Plus workshop at ONI for planning large events (April 28th). Discussing dates, July 18th or August 2nd (National Neighbors night out).
b. Draft for artist / design competition finished.
c. Worked out plan for newsletter, content, draft for general meeting hoping to go out in mid May. Content = Chair’s letter, meeting info, history, UPNA website, evolvement website info, tool library, info on summer event, Artists invite. Brian to talk to University about printing the newsletter or helping also a short segment to add to newsletter. Any other ideas?
d. Q – how often will it come out? To start, twice a year. Paul – what about a business listing. Shelley – want to have a special meeting to meet with the businesses in the neighborhood, to talk to them about how we can work together. Paul – Interstate created a 1sided page listing of businesses; we could do that for the Lombard corridor. Shelley – don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. Slowly work up to that. Try to get involvement up first. Fletcher – the businesses will receive the first newsletter and then approach them for the next edition. Ana – we also have a section on the website for this but nothing has been added yet.
6. Environmental and Open Spaces:
a. Fletcher (interim chair)– contacted by Nick Kantor, neighborhood partnership coordinator with Columbia Slough Watershed Council.  He is interested in coming to talk to us. Brian, motions to have Nick at April meeting. Fletcher seconds. All in favor, no opposed.
b. Paul – Mary at ONI office, said she’d be happy to help with the design of the traffic triangle. Fletcher – she’s going to help with grant writing, and we have a landscape designer that lives in the area – Ben that has already offered to help.
7. Land Use:
a. Nothing new. Some inquiries for the property on Westanna (3 buildings with no progress). Last inspection was in January (has 6 months until the next one).
b. Judy – question on what is going on with the property, development of houses on stilts on Willamette Lane. Heard that the University of Portland is thinking of buying it. Unsure about what is happening. Dwayne - Had indicated during presentation that if the city approved that he might not move forward.
8. Livability: absent.
9. Public Safety:
a. April 5th police meeting. Lieutenant Kane and Commander Madison at meeting. Have had homeowners come down to collect property that was stolen. Crime has gone down at Roosevelt because it has gone to closed campus. Will have increased taser use, and have upcoming trainings. Meth. crime is greatest in Portland and Eastern Oregon. NERT safety positions are safe, will not cut them from budget (neighborhood officers). 50-60 officers in Portland. Won’t be able to have time off, Starlight parade and other events causes an increase in police duty. Hard to recruit officers, reaching out to different ethnic groups and women. Paul – has a lot to do with process for interviewing – they take to long to get back to them and the people have already gotten jobs in other districts. Judy – L. Kane would like a central registry for records (background checks) of applicants, so they could check with other districts. Legal restrictions for giving out that info, each group asks different questions.
b. Q- Dwayne – regarding increased tasers, are they going to increase the finding? Yes, they said they would but how much. Q – what about Mayors budget, to not fill vacant positions. Yes, that’s true. (Some of the positions to be cut with in city were not actually filled). Businesses that pay for police for overtime $ (parades etc…) - doesn’t go back into police budget, goes into city budget. Shelley – in Clark County, businesses are required to arrange and pay for security (off-duty police) instead of having the sheriff’s have to do it (don’t have time, people).
10.  Schools:
a. updates – Chalkboard project. Project is growing and might continue past their original charter. Preliminary recommendations in June, but will continue to work on them after that. There is a regional event in Estacada – a Sojourn performance (theater performance). Recommendations – networking with Indian tribes, brown bag lunches, working with non-profit groups. Focusing on: attendance, funding, performance etc… Promoting discussions of the issues.
b. Q- Latest on water garden at Astor? Able to walk through it, they are not finished planting. Dates for water garden – to add to newsletter – give to Ana.
c. Brian – Q - Haven’t had any speakers related to schools. Any interest in having people to come and speak to us. Ideas: School board candidates, principals. Roosevelt vice-principal came to talk. Interested in Holy Cross, they’ve been here a long time but we haven’t had them come. An update from Roosevelt – closed campus issue.

Old Business
1. Two vacant offices (Environmental, Public Safety)– we need to do some recruiting. Add something to the newsletter – a brief description of each committee to try to generate interest. They still have to come to 2 meetings, they can be elected at the 3rd meeting.
2. Did someone send a thank you note to UP? Yes.
3. Shelley is sending thank you notes for new people who come to the meetings, please come again etc… And new people who move here.

New Business
1. side note. Judy is moving out of the neighborhood. Last meeting will be the General April meeting.
2. Two speakers for April meeting. Try to end early to have a more special hour at the end to thank Judy.
3. Will have info for I-5 changes at General meeting.
Open Forum  - none.
Adjourn meeting – Dwayne motions to adjourn meeting. Fletcher and Judy second it. Meeting adjourned 8:15pm

UPNA General Meeting - Monday April 25th, 2005

Called to order: 7:05 pm

1. Introductions (board members)
2. Crime and Safety Update – Portland Police Officer, Jason Christensen 503-823-0743
a. Eric Zajac (Jason’s replacement) – 6years as an officer, worked in this area for 4 years.
b. Currently patrol’s Arbor Lodge and Overlook – more burglaries along the bluff.
c. In summer, be sure to lock doors and windows. Burglars entering through windows. Caught 3 people recently they feel are responsible for those break ins.
d. Issued a search warrant for a house in St. Johns (for meth).
e. Handed out map of crime activity – crimes total = 15
f. Jason mentioned our concern for cross walks. He was able to do some monitoring, cited one person for failing to stop. Will continue to monitor.
3. University of Portland Update - Jim Kuffner
a. Last month had a meeting with UP president and UPNA board members. The meeting went very well and they look forward to working together and building a stronger relationship.
b. The Mexican National Soccer team was here for the first time in the U.S. There was a large turn-out even in the rain. That was the last large game of this school year. Looking to next year already.
c. Commencement is May 1st, next Sunday. It will be a big event, and award around 750 diplomas. There will be a lot of activity this week with finals and moving out.
d. In June there will be commencement ceremonies for local high schools. Showcase the school to the students and the families. 12-14 ceremonies. Comment (Shelley) – is it possible to get them information before the ceremony to alert them where to park (because they are new to the area they are unfamiliar with the area and the rules)? Perhaps flagging people to go into the parking lot. Jim – they are given maps with directions and parking suggestions. Will look into people flagging cars (have flaggers for other events). Apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
e. Still in discussions with Zeidel for the purchase of the property. UP had scheduled to be far along in the process for a meeting in May, they are currently on the fourth draft and feel that the process is going well. The signing of purchase agreement will give UP a year and a half to study the property further (zoning, testing etc…).
f. At a previous UPNA meeting David Hasson (from Terrafirma) talked about property on Willamette Lane, and since then the University has purchased the property. Own the lot next door – creates a better boundary and will keep the lot in a natural state.
g. In the Sunday paper was an article about Rebuilding Together about (previously called Christmas in April). An event the University puts on, started 15 years ago. The project has expanded and done almost 800 properties. Would like to invite Mike Malone, the chair of the project to talk about it. Perhaps there would be some properties in the neighborhood that would qualify. Usually for elderly or disabled homeowners. 30 volunteers, paint, fix up, new roof etc… Would help to improve the neighborhood and the life of a resident.
4. Guest Presentation: Nick Cantor - Columbia Slough Watershed Council – was not able to get ready in time. Would like to come to another meeting.
5. Dustin Drago:
Purchased the Portsmouth Club and adjacent restaurant (was Mama’s BBQ). Remodeled the restaurant to be the Anchor Club. It is family oriented with TV’s, and a kids menu. It has been open about 3 weeks, and business is picking up. To go orders, catering, events. American style food. Has table-cloths, flowers and the food comes on plates. J Possibly going to add breakfast (Sat. and Sunday) and a Mother’s Day brunch. Open 7 days a week (11am-10pm now). Will have live music 1 night a week (jazz and blues). Know that the Portsmouth Club has had incidents in the past but haven’t had anything in the past 2 months. This week is the pub-crawl on Lombard (UP students). OLCC comes and sits at the door. Bar usually attracts an older crowd, geared toward that. Ask that if anything comes up, please contact him personally and will deal with the issue. Will have football in the fall. (on the TV’s). Planning a golf tournament this summer with the profits going to Habitat to Humanity. Trying to get more involved in the community – sponsor little league team.
6. Old Business
a. Copies of the bylaws with the maps, available to anyone who wants a set.
b. The folder in the back has all the hand-outs, attendance list, meeting minutes, also be copies of the bylaws.
c. Update for Karen – communications. Got the grant for our summer event, narrowed it down to 2 dates (3rd Monday in July or in August for neighbors night out (1st Tues)). Hold it at Portsmouth Park. Will have port-a-potties. Will have ice cream. Have police officers and other neighborhood people there. Hopefully will have the final logo designs for University Park for attendees to vote on. Soliciting artists for designing a logo for the neighborhood. Found a list of around 400 artists in N. Portland and will be sending them info. Will be creating an RFP with more information on how to submit it etc…  Brian is listed as the contact. More info will come out in the newsletter and posted on the website.
d. Anyone interested in helping in planning, please let us know. Also if have ideas for the newsletter. We’re also looking for historic photos of the neighborhood (even if you’re in it). Would also add them to the website.
e. Paul – move that we have the summer event in July. Fletcher – we’re still looking into the dates and the availability of the park. Paul – planning on having an event for neighbor’s night out for personal neighbors and think it would conflict. Fletcher – only 2 blocks had parties last year. Open it up for discussion:
 i. Brian – would rather see it in August because of the advertising for it. We can’t plan around everyone’s schedules.
 ii. Judy – understand what Brian says about the publicity. Good advertisement. Also see Paul’s point of view but what about Little League in the park? Would like to see it in August.
 iii. Brian – more concerned about time, to not overlap with other neighbor’s night out parties.
 iv. Dwayne – we seem to be limited to the park availability.
 v. Paul – later in the summer it will be getting darker later.
 vi. Judy – but there is only a 2-week difference between those 2 dates.
 vii. Jim – if there is a conflict in using the park the University would be open to having the event on the UP campus in the open field, as an option.
 viii. Fletcher – Q to Paul – what time were you planning on having your event? 6:30 to 8:00pm.
 ix. Nothing finalized – wait to find out about park availability.
7. New Business
a. Brian – Brochure from Holy Cross sock hop and family activities potluck on June 25th.
b. Paul – tomorrow there is a School Board forum at University Park United Methodist Church at 7-8:30pm (for our zone, #4). Another forum at St. Andrew Community Center, on 8th and NE Alberta on Friday, May 6th at 7pm. Many seats are coming up for election in May.
 i. Discussion about the Outdoor school (in Portland district).
c. Shelley –
 i. St. John’s Parade is May 7th.
 ii. Announcements will be on our website but also on the North Portland website – which anyone in the area can post.
 iii. New Columbia opening ceremony with Mayor and other guests with tours of the residences. Tuesday May 3rd at 10:00am.
 iv. May meeting – will have presentation from Port of Portland and DEQ about McCormick and Baxter. Will be the only speaker so we can have enough time to discuss. Specifically asked for info about trucks and traffic in the neighborhood.
d. Jim - Monday May 2nd 10-12 there is an event at UP - World Trade and Globalization at the Buckley Center with possible peaceful protesters. It is open to the public and free.
e. Shelley - We’re loosing a member, Judy Chambers. Judy is moving to Vancouver to be closer to family. Judy - Sold the house to the University. UPNA presented Judy with a certificate of thanks and a card. We appreciate Judy and Leonard’s service to the neighborhood for many years. Thanks Judy and Leonard!!
8. Open Discussion
a. Announcement (Paul) – North Portland Tool Library, borrowed a couple of tools from there. Have lots of tools and it’s really easy. No cost.
9. Adjourn: 8:05pm